Be Skeptical, But Continue to Have Hope

Tonight I saw Gloria Steinem speaking at Town Hall. She is glorious, astounding and inspiring.

Knowing she is 82 years old put me over the edge. I cried on and off for the last half hour. Why?

Waking this morning, I figured it out. I cried because she is a stand for women’s voice in society. In fact she has been that stand for my entire life.

Coming from a traditional household that was divided into male and female roles, Gloria and her cohorts ( through my studies at University) were the ones who opened my eyes to my freedoms as a woman. We do not have to follow the path we have been told. We can create our own.

But at 82 she will not be here for my granddaughters. So who will be their voice? Who will lead women of the new generations?

Surely with the misogynist pull within social media we need a strong female leader to take us to the next stage of our development so that we do not slip back into the dark?

Well, as Gloria said, ‘we need to be skeptical, but continue to have hope.’

So, Gloria, that is what I will do.


1 thought on “Be Skeptical, But Continue to Have Hope

  1. Wish I had been there. David Attenborough, Jane Goodall and many others will leave us. A generation is passing. But they are not lost, their work lives on. That, in fact, is why people write. Someone once described writing as ‘words that stay’. So get writing girl. Make your mark.


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