Magic Between 10 and 3

I haven’t written in 11 days. My last piece was while I was immersed in the Writer’s Festival – away from ‘real life,’ for a few days.

Writing is very interesting; creativity ebbs and flows with my schedule. I need to be free of life’s chores such as making lunches, picking up dirty socks in random corners of the house, folding laundry and cleaning the kitchen for the fourth time that day.

Is there a way to turn the mundane tasks of running a home and motherhood into creative inspiration? To not need to run away, but move toward it? Is there a way to look into the eyes of my child and find awe in the purity of their joy?

Pleasure: The complete smile, which forms on their lips, makes their cheeks glow and their eyes sparkle?

Innocence: The way a common word like ‘but’ in a sentence can make them fall on the floor with laughter?

Generosity: When they pick up a beautiful Autumn leaf or fallen frangipani in the park and hand it to me as a present?

Maybe. But who will sort out the rest of the chores while I am distracted, getting lost in thought? This is the dilemma.

Until then, I will have to wait until school drop off for those few magical hours I can squeeze out for my writing.


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